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By five fresh playwrights
Directed by five emerging directors
January 8 - 23, 2010
Bedlam Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

ARTISTIC TEAM Project Coordinator - Claire Avitabile
Directors - Ellen Apel, Amber WR Miller, Nicole Wilder, Leah Adcock-Starr
& Lindsey Cacich
Stage Manager - Marie Strampe
Assistant Stage Manager - Sheena Thompson
Lighting Design - Ariel Pinkerton
Costume Design - Renata Shaffer-Gottschalk
Sound Design - Claire Avitabile
Set Design - Jenna Lory
Graphic Design - Blythe M. Davis
ASL Interpreters - Tarra Grammenos & David Evans


By Ruth Virkus (local playwright)

Directed by Ellen Apel

The physical manifestation of Lydia's midlife crisis is submerged in the sink - a $300 wine stained silk blouse. Topless and trapped in a public restroom, she can't embrace her future until she finds cover in the present.

Featuring: Cynthia Uhrich, Jen Tuder & Megan Engeseth


By Kathleen Warnock

Directed by Amber WR Miller

Kids Play shines a brief but beautiful light on the musings of two young sisters playing in the backyard, contemplating adolescence, growing old, and the existence of Santa Claus.

Featuring: Courtney Miner & Valarie Falken


By Anthony Neuman (local playwright)

Directed by Nicole Wilder

Justin, a transgender man and avid blogger of his own dating misadventures, is caught off-guard by Cynthia, a lesbian bartender who likes him just the way he is...or isn't...

Featuring: Anthony Neuman, Lacey Piotter, Shannon Troy Jones, Candace Stimpson & Samantha Midler


By Rachael Brogan Flanery (local playwright)

Directed by Leah Adcock-Starr

It's hard to describe this play without giving away the creepy twist… Set in a Cuban-fusion restaurant, Perfect Match is a blind-date gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Featuring: Nick Nelson & Ali Rose Dachis


By Nina Mansfield

Directed by Lindsey Cacich

Inspired by the playwright's experiences as a NYC public school teacher, Pedestrian Casualty brings to light some of the issues that are prevalent in urban education. Ms. K, a school teacher in the city, crashes her car and accidentally kills DeShawn – one of her own students, though she doesn't recognize him because he never comes to class.

Featuring: Sarah Broude, Derrail Hughes, Indira Addington, John Egan, Kathryn Fumie, Valarie Falken, Ernest Briggs & Aaron Konigsmark


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