May 1 - 9, 2015
at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis
Presented in Partnership with Intermedia Arts' Catalyst Series

The 2015 Q-STAGE: New Works Series presented six experimental new works from local queer-identified artists and performing groups exploring themes of race, gender identity, sexuality, family, class, HIV, sex trafficking, and more, using live theatre, dance, spoken word, video, music, puppetry, clown, burlesque, and storytelling.

2015 Q-STAGE Artists: Shannon Forney, Andrea Jenkins, Basil Kreimendahl, Harrison David Rivers, Deja Stowers, Lucy Lucas Valentine, and Emily Zimmer.


Body Parts: Intersectionality
Written and Performed by Andrea Jenkins

This work in progress was originally presented as a part of the Naked Stages Series at Pillsbury House Theatre in 2010, focusing on the dual nature of the human body from the perspective of an African-American transgender woman. This iteration is a continuation of these themes in a multi-media, half performance, half lecture platform drawing from such innovators as Alexs Pate, Bill T. Jones, Sekou Sundiata, and Audre Lourde. Creative. Emotional. Relevant.


The Escape Machines: Power is Nothing Without Control 
Created and Performed by Elyssa Kilman, Basil Kreimendahl, and Emily Zimmer

The automobile has deep roots in mainstream American culture. Cars contain secrets, represent dreams, promise freedom and measure success. Do these iconic symbols shift in queer culture? Spanning several decades, The Escape Machines: Power is Nothing Without Control reveals the story of a single car and the queer lives lived inside of it, a vision of what our cars mean to us and say about us.


Mark: Un-Gendered, Intra-Black, and Overtly Emotive
Written and Performed by Lucy Lucas Valentine 

Mark is a self-marriage. A truth telling, naming names validation session where the audience witnesses the breaking open of a human being, the gathering of their pieces, and the necessity of finding the right places to put them together again.


Adapted from Euripides' The Trojan Women by Harrison David Rivers, Directed by David Mendizábal

In an unnamed hospital
In an unnamed city
Hecuba and her daughters
Await a diagnosis.
This dramatic re-telling of Euripides’ The Trojan Women
Inspired by Jennie Livingston’s seminal ball culture documentary Paris is Burning
Tells the heart-breaking story of a family fighting for survival in the midst of a mysterious plague.


Created by Deja Stowers and performed by Kenna Cottman

explores the value of the body and the use of it to determine different ranks in the world.


Femme Cabaret: A Clown Burlesque

Written and performed by Shannon Forney

BURLESQUE CLOWN EXPLORES “FEMME” – An exploration of self-doubt and social anxiety in the attempt to navigate queer femme identity.  By inhabiting a gender identity that is widely accepted by dominant culture, femmes may risk being in-visibilized within queer culture. How do we perpetuate or reclaim female roles of “Sexy” & “Mommy”?  When do we play roles for ourselves? When do we play roles for others? A playful romp on queer femme identity from the awkward center of a Red Nose Clown.

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Culture Heritage Fund, as well as through support from the California Institute for Contemporary Arts LGBTQ funding program.

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All photos (c) Blythe M. Davis

Set A - The Escape Machines: Power is Nothing Without Control

Set A - Body Parts: Intersectionality

Set B - And She Would Stand Like This

Set B - Mark: Un-Gendered, Intra-Black, and Overtly Emotive

Set C - Femme Cabaret: A Clown Burlesque

Set C - Gifts