May 13 - 22, 2016
at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis

SET "A" ft. Hector Chavarria & JamieAnn Meyers:

Created by & starring Hector Chavarria 
Directed by Stacy Schultz
Also featuring Donn Saylor and Jennifer Buckhout

Throughout his life, he was told he would never make it as a performer. Now, The Big Gay Mexican has finally got his chance at his own show! He sings, he dances, and he is ready to entertain! However, the questions still remains, does he have what it takes to become a success? Is America ready to allow a Big Gay Mexican become a star? 


Created by & starring JamieAnn Meyers
Directed by Shalee Coleman
Also featuring Zealot Hamm, Erica Fields, Beckett Love, Suzi Love & Pearl Noonan

Each of us has a different story, and "FIRST PERSON" is one transwoman's unvarnished truth. It's the story of her life-long transition, a life that's being lived "halfway up, halfway down," in-between, and her claiming CHANGE as her identity.


SET "B" ft. A.P. Looze & Gender Tender  

Directed & Choreographed by Syniva Whitney
Featuring Will Courtney & Syniva Whitney (aka Gender Tender)
Installation Art by Madeleine Bailey, Music by Ariskany Records

Two non-binary bodies in queer love are willing to get into any position necessary to make it work. Dance and acting collide in this Gender Tender performance as Will Courtney and Syniva Whitney make a fictitious home for themselves in a world made up of black and white stripes, binary investigations, drag inspired relationship building and imaginary home renovation. 


Created & Performed by A.P. Looze 
Also featuring Lisa Marie Brimmer
Directed by Zoe Michael

Grief is in the room. What do you do? You could avoid it. You could crack a joke about it. You could run away from it, pretend it's not there, tune it out. You could sheepishly wave, or even greet it with a warm hug and say, Hello. Join A.P. Looze and their Most Honored Guests in a series of experiments that examine the limitless depths of grief and its ability to become your most intimate companion.

Q-STAGE is made possible through support from the California Institute for Contemporary Arts (CICA) LGBTQ funding program.


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All Photos by Blythe M. Davis

Hector Chavarria - "The Big Gay Mexican Show"

JamieAnn Meyers - "First Person: A Life in Transition"

Gender Tender - "BENT/STRAIGHT"

A.P. Looze - "The Grief Experiments"